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New Emerging Artist Residencies, deadline Nov. 15!

Thanks to the assistance of a generous pair of artist angels and the Sobey Foundation, the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts is granting free spaces in its residency program to emerging artists or recent graduates in the arts from any community and artistic discipline. We intend this to be an opportunity for emerging artists who are within 5 years of their graduation from a recognized postsecondary arts program, or for artists under 25 who have chosen a different educational path. November 15 deadline. Click here to find out more!

Regular residencies for artists of all disciplines and nationalities - we have rolling deadlines, so email to find out if we have openings.  Click here for details.

Breaking Ground wants Community Art! Apply by Nov. 28

What does community mean to you? How do you define your community and who belongs to it? Is it your location, the people who share the land, or the people who share your values? Do you want to explore the idea of community through the arts?  Can you collaborate with friends, family, neighbours and/or  others to create something original that can be shown at a new festival in Nova Scotia?

Ross Creek is looking for proposals from  communities to create a piece for Breaking Ground in July, 2015.  The proposals must be original­, and can be in any discipline, or in more than one art form and should reflect the community from which it comes, and be able to be shown at the festival. Film, music, dance, visual arts, etc or any combination would all be welcome. Click here for more.

Camps Online Now and big Early Bird Discounts:

You can find the best March Break and Summer Programs here! 15% off if booked and paid by November 10!

NEW: Paying it Forward Bursaries!

We are thrilled that some wonderful donors have donated funding for bursaries which allow young people to attend our Summer and March Break programs.Those bursary applications are online now here. In the spirit of community-building, they have asked that when you receive a bursary, you also do something nice for someone else – take time to visit someone, make some soup or cookies for a neighbour, whatever makes sense to you and if you can or are willing, send us a picture or a little note to let us know what you did to pay it forward and what the bursary means to you. If you have received bursaries in the past, and you were thrilled for your family, drop us a line here and let us know. It all makes the world a better place!

Dining Hall Project ramps up with partners!

We have begun the planning for the new dining hall with partners NSCC (ESET Program)Equilibrium Engineering and Solterre Design to build something sustainable and extraordinary for our community. We’re planning a  stakeholder session for early October!  If you’re interested in being involved, click hereFind out more about the project here.

Ross Creek looks for bookkeeper

Ross Creek is looking for a once a week or once every two weeks bookkeeper. Volunteer ideal, potential for small pay. Good knowledge of excel necessary, and bookkeeping experience essential. Can be off hours, but must be on site. Please email ASAP!

Hurricane Arthur does some damage

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